We’ve pedalled hundreds of miles on it with zero complaints

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WTB Volt Race saddle


WTB Volt Race saddle review


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WTB’s well-priced Volt Race happened to come stock on one of our longterm test bikes, and as such we’ve pedalled hundreds of miles on it with zero complaints.

Immediately accommodating and comfy, it’s a fit-and-forget product thanks to the deep and luxurious foam padding and a deep central depression that reduces pressure.

The underside of the chassis uses a deep central slot that helps it flex to absorb bumps and impacts, even on really rough ground.

With a dropped nose profile and a very curvy whale-tail, the overall shape is great for shuffling weight around to shift seating position to maintain traction or to relieve pressure points.

The micro-fibre cover has proven completely watertight even after extended use, and the chassis has shrugged off some crazy crashes and plenty of upside-down trail repairs with no ill effects.

The weight is just about competitive on the cro-mo railed model, but lighter versions are available, one even boasting a carbon chassis.

Widths range from 135mm at the narrowest end (we opted for the 142mm version) up to the positively sofa-like 150mm wide.

Whatever the width, the Volt feels more deeply padded than the scales suggest and is a tough, no-nonsense product that we rate highly.

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