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Morgaw Trian Enduro saddle


Morgaw Trian Enduro saddle review

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The Trian Enduro has something you won’t find on any other saddle — elastomer shock absorbers that sit between the carbon rails and the saddle body.

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They’re designed to take the sting out of the trail by deforming as you ride, and you can even swap between soft, medium or hard densities to match your weight.

It’s not just a gimmick — you can actually see the saddle moving by as much as 10mm if you just compress it by hand. On the trail the suspension works as well as it can, taking away plenty of trail buzz and even flexing side-to-side as you pedal to help ease your efforts.

It’s crazy then, that Morgaw didn’t think to put more of the old-school suspension on top — simple foam padding. And I’m not sure why this version is called the Enduro because it doesn’t have enough comfort for a full day on hardcore terrain.

The platform is also too small, too short and too narrow, when compared with the best in class. It’s also too flat and, with only a little channel down its length, there’s not much to relieve pressure. And the price is painful as well; there are way better saddles out there for a fifth of the cost.

With its shape and weight, the Trian would make a great roadie saddle, but Morgaw needs to add some width and extra padding for off-road use.


Rails:Carbon or alloy
Absorbers:Soft, medium or hard