The performance is so good, most riders in search of a comfy trail saddle need look no further

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Madison Flux saddle



Madison Flux saddle review


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The classic, curvy shape of the Flux has a lot in common with the deeper version of the Fabric Scoop. However, rather than share that seat’s super-sleek construction philosophy, the Flux uses a more traditional method, with stitching and stapling underneath.

This means it costs less to produce, which allows it to clock in at the incredible price of £25.

We’re well-acquainted with the Flux at mbr, and it has consistently performed across multiple seasons and different bikes, always proving comfortable for a variety of rider shapes and sizes.

To keep you smiling, the padding is some of the deepest and squishiest on test, but the cut of the sides and thinner nose ensure the Flux is unobtrusive when pedalling long distances.

Despite all this stuffing, the weight is very reasonable for such a cheap saddle.

Durability is excellent too, both on the cover and rails, and if you’re looking for a retro look, Madison also offers the Flux in a brown faux-leather finish.