Product Overview


Charge Spoon £19.99

Cro-mo steel rails / Synthetic leather upper / Weight: 269g / Titanium railed version £49.99

The Spoon mates to your nethers like the nocturnal hook-up that its name alludes to. Pegged as a ‘mid-width’ perch, it’s cradle shape and form, particularly when kicked up a little at the front, can be compared to SDG’s evergreen Bel Air model. Although fairly short, the pressure relief channel extending from the rear works well alongside a flat nose and padding that’s sufficient to see off slimline XC arse aches. In indomitable Charge fashion, a perforated tan upper with embossed logo sets the Spoon apart from leagues of aftermarket also-rans. Behind the scenes finishing is about what you’d expect for a score — slightly haphazard medley of staples combined with plastic guard front and rear to anchor the carcass to the upper. Overall this is a cracking saddle for all-day trail action at a great price.