The Fabric Scoop is tough, affordable and a near perfect product

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Fabric Scoop Radius Elite saddle


Fabric Scoop Radius Elite saddle review


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Fabric’s sleek, beautifully packaged Scoop is something of a benchmark perch. The smooth, minimal finish is the result of a three-part bonding process that melds the waterproof cover to a coloured base, uninterrupted by any stitching or staples, which makes it a cinch to keep clean.

For £40, the Elite, cro-mo-railed model comes in a trio of profiles, with progressively deeper curves, suitable for everything from XC to downhill.

The three shapes are a matter of taste. Leant-forward for endurance or XC riding, the flattest (and lightest) shape matches a more rotated hip and pelvis, while the curvier Radius is more trail riding-friendly, with extra padding and deeper-dished geometry.

Over rough ground, all three shapes share an extremely cushioned feel, and feature a flexible chassis that has a lot of inherent give, without being too twangy when pedalling hard.

Being so outwardly smooth, with no Kevlar panels or exposed stitching, we found muddy shorts can slip around a bit. The overall height from rails to the crown is taller than some, which is important if getting your saddle as low as possible is a priority. These observations aside, the Scoop is tough, affordable and a near perfect product.

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