Great functionality and smooth action make adding pressure to your shock or forks a simple process

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Score 8

Topeak Pocketshock Digital


  • Braided hose, Pressure Rite connecter means no air loss when disconnecting, accurate digital reading


  • Pressure only goes up to 300psi, short battery life and no spare battery


Topeak Pocketshock Digital shock pump


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Topeak are known for making a wide range of great value cycling tools and products, and the Pocketshock Digital shock pump is no exception. In the world of high pressure suspension pumps, this one offers a number of handy features and performance that places it amongst the best shock pumps on the market.

One of the issues with digital pumps is they can turn on accidentally in your toolbox or pocket because the on button usually requires a single press. Fortunately, most have an auto off which means they run off again after 90seconds, saving battery life. Unfortunately, this seems to happen to the Pocket Shock in transit and the battery was totally flat when we got this out of its packet, so we had to change the battery. A spare wasn’t included in the box, nor a small Allen key to remove the back plate – good job one came with the Lifeline then.

One of the things we noticed when dismantling this pump is the fixings and digital gauge are identical to the Lifeline Digital. However, overall the Pocket Shock has a better finish and a smoother action. The hose is also braided and features a Pressure Rite connector that allows you to disengage the male part from the Schrader valve before unthreading the pump, so there is no air loss. What you put in, is still there.

The pump has a handy bleed valve for fine tuning and the digital readout is accurate, but like most it only goes up to 300psi, so if you’re a heavier rider you might struggle getting your rear shock pressure dialled.


Overall performance is no different to the two other digital pumps on test but we’d say the Pocket Shock has a slight edge when it comes to functionality. It has a nicer action and just feels better quality, although that isn’t enough to out-score the Lifeline because it’s still twice the price. 


Gauge type:Digital