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Syncros SP1.0 Digital Shock Pump


Syncros SP1.0 Digital Shock Pump review


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Syncros makes two shock pumps; a basic model called the SP2.0 and this all singing all dancing SP1.0.

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Both share the same hose storage and air release dial but the SP1.0 is all-aluminium and features a Zero-leak 2-Step Schrader valve head.

This allows you to unwind the adapter from the valve once you finished the inflation process eliminating the little hiss you get with a standard shock pump.

This two-step design is a little bit more complicated to use but it does produce really accurate readings.

With its digital manometer the SP1.0 is not cheap when compared to a mechanical shock pump but the price is the going rate for digital – RockShox’s digital pump is £66 and the Lezyne Digital Shock Drive, we tested a few months ago, is £69.99.

Both are just as accurate but the SP1.0 feels more substantial and also gets the foolproof valve head.


Maximum pressure:300psi / 20 bar