One tool to rule them all! Well, it is once you add a multitool to the EDC Pump, which stows it neatly inside to make this a perfect portable package for on-the-go tweaks

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Score 9

OneUp EDC 100cc Pump


  • Inflates super-fast, Clever do-it-all solution, Excellent build quality


  • Heavy once EDC tool is inside, Can get a bit muddy behind the front wheel without a big mud guard, Expensive


OneUp EDC Pump


Price as reviewed:


Part of One Up’s well considered range, this EDC pump is a different beast to most. First off, it has a higher volume compared to rival portable pumps, which means the bigger (100cc internal volume) model moves over three times the amount of air per stroke than most smaller pumps. Even this more compact 70cc model shifts significantly more air.

On top of that, the hollowed-out fully aluminium pump is very sturdy and well-sealed with weatherproof internals. Being hollow is important as it allows One Up’s party trick of incorporating the EDC V2 tool. Yes, the same one concealed within the steerer used by many top enduro racers.  

The smaller pump can accommodate the multi-tool (it includes a chain breaker and tyre lever as well as hex/Torx keys) and a small storage tube, whereas the bigger pump can also hold a 20g CO2 canister that attaches via the pump’s valve head. Although the pump works great on its own, many riders will want this EDC tool inside too, but that does add £70 to the price. 

Top quality, with very good flow and a smooth action, this top-notch pump can get tubeless MTB tyres back up to required volume fast. It uses a secure push-on valve head (Presta only) that, even furiously pumping, hasn’t bent or broken any valve stems, and there’s no flip-up lever to accidentally damage. The design doesn’t loosen valve cores or release air like some pumps with thread-on hoses.

A riding pal has one of these EDC pumps, and in our group it’s become the go-to for getting tyres inflated far quicker than any pump the rest of us carry. He’s also never had an issue with the bottle cage mount or the pump coming loose.

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Well-engineered and built, this One UP EDC is a very neat solution to carrying a multi tool and a pump together for convenience and weight saving, especially if your bike doesn’t have frame storage or tool integration. The EDC concept works great and pumps especially fast, but it also costs a lot of cash, especially if you add One Up’s multi tool.


Options:70cc (tested) and 100cc volume