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Fabric Accubar


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The Fabric Accubar has been specifically designed for high-volume tyres that run at less than 40psi, where the tyre pressure is crucial.

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Here at MBR we’re a right sad bunch of tyre nerds. Before every ride we check our pressures, something that’s a bit geeky, but critical to consistent handling and maximum performance. Even more so with big volume, low pressure tyres where just 1psi can make a huge difference to grip and support.

But every so often we pull out our trusty digital Topeak gauges and find that the battery has gone flat. With Fabric’s smart analogue Accubar that’s never a problem.

Better still, the large dial is really easy to read and you can be incredibly accurate with setting your pressures – more so than with the Topeak because it only reads in 1psi increments. Max pressure is 40psi, so it’s perfect for mountain bikes, and there’s a bleed button on the side to allow you to lose excess pressure.

The flexible hose lets you access both Presta and Shrader valves with ease, but it’s a screw-fit connection, so you have to be careful not to lose any air when attaching or detaching the gauge. There’s an extra valve at the opposite end to the hose so you can run it in-line with a mini pump too.

Full marks for function then, but at £5 more than the digital Topeak Smarthead 2, value is not its strongest point.