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Topeak Smart Gauge £17.99

SmartHead/ Padded grip / psi, bar, kg/cm2 / weight: 61g
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Most riders simply inflate their tyres, give them a squidge with their thumb and then never give them a second thought. Which is understandable as tyre pressures are nothing like as glamorous at the latest suspension technology or lightweight derailleurs, even if they are an essential piece of the pie when it comes to milking maximum performance from your bike.
The Topeak Smart gauge takes the guess work out of measuring tyre pressures as it is accurate to 0.5psi. Its Smarthead toggles between Schrader and Presta valves at the flick of a switch and the menu is easier to use than a digital timepiece. It’s not without its faults though. There is no bleed facility and you have to reset the gauge by switching it off and on every time you want to take a reading. Also there is no way to turn off the annoying beep. Nitpicking aside the Topeak Smart Gauge is still one the best digi pressure gauges on the market.

MBR rating: 8/10