Product Overview


WTB Silverado Team £79.99

Weight: 214 g / Cream or black / Titanium rails / DNA padding
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Up front this saddle looks a lot like the Pure V but it has a flatter rear section with less of a curve at the shoulders. It’s still one of the more comfortable saddles here, probably due to the DNA padding. This EVA foam is about 20 per cent denser than standard foam but contrary to what WTB says it’s actually heavier. The good news is it’s very supportive and in our experience doesn’t sag. Whether or not the recessed ‘Love Channel’ relieves pressure is debatable but the Comfort Zone cutaways fore and aft do increase cushioning. WTB also uses a more flexible shell than most, we know because we’ve had a WTB saddle apart.
The cover is starting to show premature wear but the Silverado is one of the lighter saddles here and in our well-worn opinion the most comfortable.