Product Overview


WTB Raijin £26.99

Sizes: 2.1in / Compound: DNA / Bead: aramid / Tread: non-directional / Weight: 496g

The fact that the Raijin is named after the Japanese god of thunder and lightning should make it ideal for a UK winter tyre test.
The open tread pattern on the Raijin never clogs but the ultra-wide-spaced knobs have their short-comings, namely, increased rolling resistance and less cornering grip.
Getting the power down is easy enough, even in deep mud, but the Raijin seems to lack the control of a true mud tyre. On our short test loop, the Raijin struggled more than any of the other tyres to steer the bike out of a deep rut. Also, the Raijin has a tendency to deflect off roots and rocks making it less predictable in mixed riding conditions. But this shouldn’t be the case as the Raijin is made from WTB’s 60a durometer rubber. Our gauge gave readings that were consistently over 70a, (ie, harder) which seems to verify what we were experiencing out on the trail.
Basically the WTB Raijin won’t clog in the mud but it doesn’t offer the predictability of the Panaracer Trailraker or the rolling speed of Kenda Medusa.