The Wingnut Enduro is a large capacity hydration pack that is great for carrying big loads

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Wingnut Enduro


Wingnut Enduro review

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Wingnut packs are made from a waterproof sailcloth, with no back stiffening, but they are superb quality and very lightweight. We like the low centre of gravity allowed by the harness, as it kept the weight at the waist belt for long-term comfort and stability.

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Organisation within the pack is minimal, but the combination of a large central compartment and those two spacious wing pockets meant we could load it up with tools in one side and food in the other, while jackets and bulkier gear stowed in the huge main compartment.

wingnut outside


The side pockets are just about accessible with the pack on — which is a very handy feature. We did have to be a bit more savvy when packing the main compartment, however, as the lack of a stiffening panel means sharp objects are prone to digging in.

The Wingnut feels stable and well-positioned when weighed down with a lot of kit, but it is less effective when underpacked. More than one tester complained about twisting the straps when taking it off, but overall it is the pack we’d use for toting heavy loads.

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Weight of pack:716 grams
Capacity:18 litres
Colours:grey/black, blue/black/grey