Good for those of you with a sweaty back, but the reservoir needs more thought

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Vaude Hyper 14+3


Vaude Hyper 14+3 review

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If you suffer from a sweaty back when riding with a standard hydration pack, Vaude has the answer. By lifting the pack off your back using a curved metal frame, with nothing but open mesh contacting your jersey, it really does go a long way to helping wick away moisture.

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The shoulder straps are adjustable too, so fitting is a simple process of Velcro ripping. A couple of testers found that the straps chafed their necks, and the pack sat too high, but dropping the straps solved the problem.

vaude hyper outside

Unfortunately the rest of the pack doesn’t capitalise on this good start. The Vaude Hyper 14+3 stores the reservoir in the main compartment, which always seems like an afterthought to us, and it’s a tight fit and clumsy to reinsert when filled with water.

There is little in the way of gear organisation, and the main opening isn’t wide enough to prevent regular rummaging. The zipped volume extender is pretty effective, however, and the compression straps are well-placed and effective.

It also sports a rain cover that’s zipped neatly into the base of the pack. The bright orange colour  aids visibility for commuting.

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Weight of pack:808 grams
Capacity:17 litres
Colours:black, green, red, blue