Product Overview


Ultraflate Plus CO2 Inflator £14.99

Weight: 254g (with two CO2 cartridges) / Time to inflate to 35psi: les than 2 seconds / Length: 130mm / Presta-Schraeder compatible with no dismantling / Safety lock / Contact:

Simply fire a CO2 cartridge into the plastic handgrip, screw the head on and press the trigger — hey presto, inflated tyre. The trigger allows fine control over the inflation pressure, and a neat lockout switch means you can store what’s left of a cartridge in your pack without fear of it being triggered. We managed to get one 2.1in tyre fully inflated to 32psi and another half inflated with one supplied 16g cartridge. The Ultraflate is compatible with threaded and unthreaded 12, 16, 25 and 40g cartridges, a real bonus when trying to pick up spares; it will take any cartridge type and size you throw at it.

An inverted CO2 cartridge can be stored neatly in the body, although we are told that a pierced cartridge will not bleed away, even over the space of a few months.
It’s a great tool for racers or other short, sharp riders out there, but for longer days out and tours you will want someone there with a manual pump to back it up, just in case of multiple punctures.

Mbr rating:9