Product Overview


Titec HellBent Nemesis Expert £39.95

Weight: 238g / Aramid edge-guards / Cromoly rails / Synthetic cover

Due to a slight rise at the front, we found that the HellBent is only comfortable with the nose tilted slightly down. It’s well padded but the cheaper foam lacks the shock absorbing properties of EVA. It’s also a short saddle and quite stiff at the rear. Two large cutaways and a central hole are there to relieve pressure but they seem randomly placed. Although Titec claims that the cover is leather, we took it apart and it’s got a woven underlay, which isn’t a bad thing because at least it’s waterproof. The Aramid edge guards also seem flimsy — either they’re not Aramid or they contain just a small amount of the yarn.
Mid-weight, mid-priced, mid-level comfort with some average features sort of sums up the Nemesis Expert.