Product Overview


Time Atac Alium £29.99

Weight: 458g / Replacement cleats: £12.50
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Time’s ATAC system has been around for years but is nowhere near as ubiquitous as Shimano’s offerings. Two spring-loaded steel hoops make up the ATAC system, and the open design is renowned as one of the best in the mud. There is simply nowhere for the mud to stick.
This is a good job, as Time’s only nemesis is cleat wear. The soft brass cleats simply don’t last as well as Shimano’s. That aside, the Alium has a huge amount going for it. First off, the cromoly axle is plenty large enough and is easily the stiffest on test. These pedals do not flex, no matter how hard you stomp. The action is equally reliable, clipping in somewhere between the soft thup of the Smartys and Shimano’s snap. Cleat position is more critical, as off the centre line the springs try to straighten your foot, but the lateral float is nice, and is unique to Time.
For 30 sniffs, the Aliums are great, solid pedals that, once set up, do actually offer an economical alternative to Shimano’s range.