Product Overview


Syncros Factory FLT 3 £29.99

Sizes: 2.0, 2.35 and 2.5in / 120tpi / Weight: 693g
Contact: Hotwheels 01202 732288

We’ve picked the middle size of the three FLT 3s available for this test. Like all the tyres in the series it’s designed for all-mountain, marathon and hardcore XC use. It has an LR Plus rubber compound, which is a rather regular 65 durometer rubber that Syncros describes as “low-rolling resistant”. The ‘bi-directional’ tread pattern means this tyre can be flipped round for front or rear wheel use.
The FLT is a good winter tyre — the blocky tread shakes off mud quickly and the side knobs are linked to those further inboard via extra webbing, which means they hold a solid line even on slippery off-camber winter trails. Despite the medium/hard compound and low weight we found the tyre a little sluggish once on the flat. It lacks a centre ridge and there’s quite a big gap between the centre lugs.
This said, it’s a good all-rounder, although we’d be worried about using this tyre on rocky trails because it has a very thin 120tpi sidewall.