Product Overview


Sram X9 £86.99

In back to back testing with the same derailleur set-up, it is nigh on impossible to detect any difference in shift performance between X9 and X0. The alloy upshift lever on X0 may offer a slightly crisper shift, and while it is nice to be able to rotate the lever to your preferred position, the ergonomics of X9 are so good you are not going to miss it. The two clamping positions on the shifter pod let you run the shifters either side of Avid brakes so you are always guaranteed to have your shifter paddles within easy reach. There is also the option of running Avid’s MatchMaker clamps. When you consider the X9 offers a similar level of performance to X0 at almost half the price, you’d be crazy to buy the latter.

Mbr rating: 10