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SRAM X0 Type 2 rear mech review

SRAM X0 Type 2 rear mech, £199.99

SRAM X0 Type 2 rear mech

SRAM X0 Type 2 rear mech

SRAM’s Type 2 technology has a roller bearing clutch in the knuckle of the mech to help stop the cage flapping around — the idea being that the increased tension in the lower part of the chain reduces unintentional derailment and chain-slap, solving the problem.

The concept is very similar to Shimano’s Shadow Plus design, the difference being that Type 2 has no on/off switch. Instead, it gets a little locking button that, when applied, holds the cage forward, making it easier to get the rear wheel in or out. It sounds like a gimmick but is actually more useful than a spare pair of hands, especially when it comes to fitting the chain. All in, the Type 2 technology adds 27g to the weight of the mech.

To put the new technology to the test, we rode it back to back with the normal X0 mech on a bike with no chain device or chainstay protector. There was no discernible difference in the shifting action, but it definitely made the bike quieter. It was far from silent, though, and should really only be thought of as the icing on the cake of a good management system.

So the Type 2 technology definitely works, but it’s not such a massive improvement that we’d recommend you rush out and use it to replace aperfectly good rear mech. And when that time eventually comes, we’d suggest getting the X9 version instead, as it will do exactly the same job for less than half the price of X0. Alan Muldoon

MBR rating: 8