Product Overview


Specialised Instinct £49.95

Sizes: small, medium and large/Colours: black, primer, tan, blue and bronze/Weight: 365g
Contact: Specialized UK 020 391 3500

The Instinct has a two-piece in-moulded shell, the lower of which wraps under the bottom of the helmet for added strength and to reduce dents or chips. Styling is similar to a Xen but it has two extra vents above the temples, although we’d rate venting about the same.
The colour-coordinated visor is fixed in one position, which we found too low. Specialized’s Pro Fit 2 retention system has vertical adjustment, which means we could tilt the helmet and visor up slightly, but it’s not ideal.
Strap routing is basic: through the rear of the shell and via two floating anchors on the top. Two U-turn adjusters are in place for fine-tuning but we found they pulled through when riding.
Great styling, but a poor peak position brings the score down a couple of notches.