Product Overview


Shimano PD-M520 £29.99

Weight: 428g / Replacement cleats £9.95

Every Shimano SPD pedal, from this entry level 540 all the way to racer’s favourite, the 959, all use the same shaped retention jaws. This basic model may lack the Teflon-like coating, but entry and exit from this latest design is without doubt one of the most reliable and confidence-inspiring on the market.
The snap of the guts when clipping in can be disconcerting to a new rider, but the bark is worse than the bite. As soon as you reach the edges of the five-degree float window, the release is quick and efficient.
Bearing quality is not as high as more expensive pedals, but that’s the case for most pedals here. Neither are they super-light or stiff. What they offer is a perfect compromise: reliability and perfect performance at a great price. What more do you want from a product? Add to this the ubiquitous availability of cleats and it becomes difficult to see what else to recommend — a sure favourite in the mbr office.