Product Overview


Shimano MP66W £49.99

Weight: 944g
Sizes: 38-48
SPD compatible

Why is the MP66 (or DX) such a good trail shoe and favourite with mbr testers? Several reasons. The sole is a good balance between comfort and stiffness, plus a rubber bumper runs all the way round the edge and offers good protection against flying rocks or if you have to dismount suddenly into a rock garden. A padded flap covers the laces and prevents them tangling in pedals and also acts as a splashguard in wet weather. If you need to stay dry the DX is also one of the few shoes you can supplement with a waterproof sock without cutting
off your circulation. It also has a high ankle protector and is 10 times more comfortable than any race shoe. There might be a lack of grip on slippery run-ups, it may not be the best ventilated and you’re either going to love or hate the white, but you’re getting top performance for a paltry 50 sniffs. And what other product can you say that of? PB

Mbr rating: 10