Product Overview


Shimano 180mm Rotor upgrade £33 (per wheel)

SMRT75 6-bolt rotors £17.95; SMRT97 Centre-Lock £27.95 / Adapters £14.95 each / Contact:

Shimano is finally offering 180mm rotors in six-bolt and Centre-Lock for of its disc brakes. Those pictured are XT level but they’re compatible with cheaper Deore and LX brakes. To convert from 160mm you’ll need a set of adapters, which are £15 per end. These come with all the mounting hardware and spacing shims.
Ideally this upgrade is for riders that require a bit more stopping power — say, when moving your brakes to a bigger bike or riding in the Alps. However, it’s not a cheap upgrade, but then you can always do the front brake first as it where most of your stopping power comes from.

MBR Rating: 8/10