Product Overview


SDG Freestyle £24.95

Weight: 510g / OS 8mm cro-mo rails / Kevlar and gripper cover / nose and tail guards / cow print; leopard print; camo; grey; black cover with black Kevlar; black cover with grey Kevlar
Contact: Silverfish UK 01752 313253

SDG’s take on the dirt jump saddle follows a conventional route, shunning gimmicks in favour of a big padded perch with plenty of meat to grab hold of. The body of the Freestyle is broad and amply protected by Kevlar scuff guards on both corners. Hard rubber guards trim the extremities and further cosset the upper from crash damage. The cover itself is extremely grippy, while a scalloped rubber section assists with Superman seatgrabs and toboggans. Although not designed for pedalling great distances, comfort should never be overlooked since most jeans-wearing dirt-bags will be seated in highly inefficient positions on their way to the trails, and for this the Freestyle scores well. It’s only let down by being a bit more expensive than the competition.