The Scott Grafter 18 is a decent pack but can be uncomfortable if incorrectly packed

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Scott Grafter 18


Scott Grafter 18 review


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We quickly learned to pack the Scott carefully, as the curved back panel wasn’t quite as stiff as we’d like and popped out of shape easily when put under pressure from too much gear inside. This made wearing it pretty uncomfortable until it was repacked.

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Tiny pockets on the waist belt are a bit too small, and only secured with elastic, so we rarely used them, but all the other pockets are well thought out and secured.

The main tool pocket on the back has a full-length zip, allowing for full clamshell opening, and the contents can be sorted among the mesh dividers. An open, mesh-sided pocket behind this doubles as wet jacket stowage.

scott grafter outside


Although well-placed, the compression straps are overly long and are presumably intended to double as armour attachments. Unfortunately, though, they just flap around unless coiled up carefully and retained by elastic bands.

They do at least work, though, and we could crank the contents right in to improve stability. There are also helmet retainers for both open and full-face lids, and the reservoir (once we had added one) stows in its own compartment.

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Weight of pack:720 grams
Capacity:18 litres
Colours:black/blue, orange/green