Product Overview


Saint Rapidfire shifter £44.95

Right-hand only / No optical gear display / Cable inner and outer included / Reverse and normal rear mech compatible / Weight: 145g /
Contact: Madison

Long overdue, the Shimano Saint shifter sits between the brake lever and the grip, allowing you to run the brakes further inboard with an obvious leverage advantage. The short-shift paddles mean that the shifter doesn’t get in the way, but it is at your fingertips when you need it. Shift action is light and accurate, as it shares the same internals as XT. Externally, the body is totally new and feels very robust. There is no optical display, which in our opinion is a good thing as we never look at them and they are the first things to go in a crash. If Shimano offered left-hand shifters with the same outboard set-up, we’d have Saint shifters on all our bikes.