Product Overview


Raleigh Extreme £24.99

Black, blue silver or purple/One size/Weight: 302g

Raleigh’s basic lid, like Trek’s Vapor, is a very round-shaped helmet. This is neither good nor bad, but it limits the suitability. Most riders could use the Extreme thanks to the band-style retention unit, but those with heads at the upper end of the uni-size helmets range may find it touches at the front and rear.
Simple single-point rear strap fixings offer the minimum in terms of stability, but the anchors are effective. The chin buckle is made more comfortable by a Coolmax pad sitting between the clip-lock buckle and chin. It’s held in place with a Velcro tab, which, while effective at keeping it in place, sticks when removing the helmet.
The hard shell covers a fair amount of the EPS moulding, and ventilation is fair thanks to some brow channels, but the shape is somewhat restrictive.