Product Overview


Race Face Deus £62.95

Weight: 126g / Five year bearing warranty / Colours: Black and Silver / Contact: Silverfish 01752 313253

The compression ring on the Deus is integrated into the top cover, which just keeps everything together. It also overlaps the upper cup, providing added protection. The 7075 aluminium cups themselves hold stainless steel, angular contact, retainer-style bearings. ‘Retainer style’ refers to the number of ball bearings in the races – Race Face use less balls than most but they’re smoother and it says, “can cope with loads just as effectively as ‘full ball’ bearings.” You can’t see it but there’s a plastic seal between the bearing and the cup, there to stop micro movement of the bearing and creaking.
We noticed a bit of play in the bearings not apparent on other headsets but the Dues is guaranteed for five years should there be any problems. A little expensive but lightweight and ideally suited to a race bike or trim trail machine.

MBR rating: 9/10