Product Overview


Outland Clipless Pedals £19.99

Weight: 370g / Replacement cleats £9.99 (Wellgo 99a)
Contact: Raleigh 01773 532662

We have seen these pedals return in innumerable guises over the years, and they are still available from BBB, Powerplay, as well as Wellgo, but this time we have chosen the Outland model.
Over the years, the jaw design has been reformed, and now retention and release is almost as smooth as the M540 from Shimano, and a notch above the M424 tested here. On the trail, the differences are barely perceivable, such is the reliability of the release. Granted the overall design is more prone to clogging, but an aftermarket mud-shedding cleat (the 99A) is available and should reduce the problem.
These pedals will seem familiar as they come as standard on many bikes, and if yours has them, there is no reason to swap. For anyone else on a very tight budget, these — and any version of them — are fantastic value for money, and ultra reliable. Not only that but Shimano cleats work perfectly too.