Product Overview


Oury Ltd Edition bonus Pack £19.95

Weight: 154g
Odi Lock-On compatible
Replacement pack £12.95
Contact: Otago Cycle Sport 0161 273 2100

Having tested nearly every lock-on over the last year, it’s finally the turn of an old favourite, Oury. This grip has a large waffle-style pattern and is available in black or this limited edition red.

Performance-wise it’s not that we’re not big fans of the Oury, it’s just the diameter that we don’t get on with. It measures 33.5mm, which is about 5mm more than an ODI Ruffian. It’s comfortable, but we find a thinner grip offers better control and reduces hand cramps and fatigue. That said, there are riders who love the design — one of the reasons for its longevity. PB

Mbr rating: 7