The ODI Ruffian grip is a classic in both mountain biking and BMX, can it still deliver today?

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ODI Ruffian


ODI Ruffian review

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If you have ever used ODI’s legendary Ruffian grip in the past, you’ll know it feels best when it has worn in a bit.

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With this new Soft Pro Compound ODI Ruffian you don’t have to wait for that to happen; it’s tacky straight away. The feel of this grip is amazing, with just the right amount of traction and stickiness.

However, the collars have hard edges, the fixing bolts are on opposite sides and they also corrode quite quickly. The Ruffian is still a classic, but we think it’s time for it to have an update.

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ODI could do worse than model it on its new AG-1, which is longer, lighter and has a closed end and single clamp as standard.

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Weight:107 grams
Diameter:30 mm
Length:135 mm