Product Overview


ODI Cross Trainer £15.99

Total grip length: 135mm / Effective Grip length: 115mm / weight: 107g / refill colours: blue, black, red (£11.99)
Contact: Ison Distribution 01223 213 800

The Cross Trainer is a new take on the classic mushroom design but gets small diamond sections of multi directional ribs with a larger rib pad for extra cushioning at the outer edge of the grip. This approach makes for a very comfortable grip and even though the
Cross Trainer is only 0.5mm fatter than an ODI Ruffian it provides a lot more shock absorption.
Pushing things forward the Cross Trainer is the first Lock On grip to feature the new Lock Jaw clamps where the Snap Cap end caps clip directly into a small groves in the collars. They are then secured in place when you clamp the outer collars to the handlebar. This approach saves 20g over the old expander bar-end plugs. So far the new design has proved pretty tough but it still remains to be seen if the Snap Caps survive a serious crash. All edges on the collars are now bevelled for a smoother finish and the new collars and associated end caps are compatible with existing Lock On cartridges. The Cross Trainer is another great grip from ODI.