Although the Lizard Skins Moab shares its DNA with the unstoppable ODI Ruffian, it didn't live up to expectations

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Lizard Skins Moab


Lizard Skins Moab review

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Lizard Skins’s new Moab grip is made by ODI, so is the same length and diameter as the legendary Ruffian that you can find reviewed by us here.

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The Lock Jaw collars on the Lizard Skins Moab are not the most up-to-date design though, and don’t accept ODI’s clip-in end-caps, which is a shame because they do stop dirt plugging the end of the bar.

Like the Ruffian, the core of this grip is pretty stiff, but the Moab has a generous coating of rubber for cushioning.

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The dimpled grip pattern is low profile, but there’s still plenty of give in the indents to create a soft feel under the hand. The Lizard Skins Moab also performed surprisingly well when riding in wet weather, especially considering it’s named after a town in the Utah deserts.

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Weight:109 grams