A nifty little upgrade that gets your Bosch display unit out of harms way and frees up valuable bar space.

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Laylo Bosch Purion mount


  • Tucks your Bosch Purion display out of the way, clearing up bar space and reducing the chance of damage.


  • You don't get much for £20.


Laylo Bosch Purion mount review


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Bosch makes one of the best mid drive motors on the market for e-bikes, but its remotes and displays are definitely orientated more at the leisure rider and commuter than the hardcore mountain biker. If you’re running a Bosch CX drive system on your e-bike, chances are you’ll also be rocking the Purion display. It incorporates a screen and the mode buttons in a single unit, but it’s definitely not compact, and if you turn the bike upside down regularly – like when lubing the chain, or just fitting the wheels – you can easily scuff the screen. Thankfully you can now move the Purion display out of harm’s way using this Laylo Mount. This is essentially a P-shaped aluminium headset spacer with a plastic extension that’s the same 22.2mm diameter as a handlebar. To make it work, you don’t have to dismantle or disconnect the Purion, you simply unbolt it and move it to the extension.

Laylo Bosch Purion mount

Laylo Bosch Purion mount

The Laylo Mount can be positioned above or below the stem and you can also angle the Purion on the extension. It doesn’t have to sit flat, and it’s also not fixed, so if you bash it – say with your knee – it won’t break the clamp. You will need to route the cable round the front of the stem, but usually you can tuck any excess into your frame.

Obviously moving the mode buttons away from the grip means you will need to reach across to access them, but I never found this to be an issue. Particularly with Bosch’s intelligent eMTB mode. I also really like that the Laylo frees up a ton of bar space – if you run narrower handlebars or multiple remotes this is a godsend.


In an ideal world I’d like Bosch to offer a low-profile remote switch like Shimano or Specialized, but that isn’t a feature even on the newest Smart System, which means if you want the display out of the way, the Laylo is the way to go. My only issue is that it’s a little expensive for a small, machined clamp and piece of plastic, but even so, it’s a fantastic little upgrade for any Bosch owner.