Product Overview


Kore Elite I-Beam £44.99

Sizes: 27.2 and 31.6mm / Lengths: 300 and 400mm / Weight: 180g / 20mm Layback / Contact: Bob Elliot 01942 826647

Want the lightest saddle/seatpost combo on the market that’s still comfortable and won’t break the first time you take a tumble? Try the Kore Elite with a 130g SDG I-Fly I-beam saddle fitted — it weighs 310g. This seatpost has an identical I-Beam head to the Kore Race post we tested a few months back but gets a lighter carbon-fibre shaft. There’s 20mm of layback from the head and around 50mm of fore/aft adjustment. It’s also easy to tilt the saddle by loosening the two 4mm Allen bolts.
Why more cross-country and enduro racers haven’t picked up on the I-Beam concept is anyone’s guess but it’s a sensible way of saving weight, and if you buy Kore, cheap too.

MBR rating: 9/10