Product Overview


Knog Knuckles £21

Sizes: S-XL / Colours: black / Contact: Moore Large 01332 274200 / Size tested: L

Better known for their funky lights and luggage, Knogs gloves are the only model tested here to come with a usable temperature guide. At anywhere between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, the Knuckles are the Knog glove of choice.
Shaped neoprene knuckle-guards are well placed, with minimal seams and a large terry towelling thumb taking good care of nasal drips. Smaller neoprene panels adorn the finger joints. Windproof fabric is used in panels to improve cool-weather performance, but at the higher reaches of the temperature range this gets unwelcome, as heat build-up is too great. Genuine leather is used for the main palm-piece, supplemented with a padded synthetic piece. Sadly, the padding is too thick and large to maintain good contact with the bar. Fit and construction is good, but for anyone who wants to know what’s going on at the bars, there are better gloves around.