Product Overview


Kenda Small Block 8 £25.99

Size: 2.35in / Folding bead / Weight: 600g / Dual Compound
Contact: Kenda Tyres UK 01332 274252

For dry hardpacked and rocky trails our tyre of choice has a large volume, semi-rounded profile and small knobs — exactly like the 2.35in Small Block 8 tested here. It has eight knobs running across this carcass, one on the edge, two transition knobs and a pair in the centre creating a fast rolling central ridge. All the knobs are connected with small webs of rubber to improve stability. The dual tread compound (DTC) features a hard durometer rubber down the spine, again to reduce rolling resistance, and a soft durometer rubber on the shoulders for extra cornering grip.
We couldn’t fault this tyre on rough dusty trails, exposed bedrock, fire road slag or loamy forest paths, but it does have thin sidewalls, which makes it unsuitable for use with Stan’s No Tubes system because they leak. Also, unless you run this tyre above 35psi it can roll slightly on the rim, and the thin sidewalls can pinch easily. We’d actually like to see a thicker version, especially for rear wheel use. Overall though this is an excellent dry weather trail tyre.