Product Overview


KCNC SC Wing £51.99, SC Pro seatpost £59.99, SC Bone Bar £38.99

Not only does the head on the KCNC seatpost offer independent fore/aft and tilt adjustment, it’s also light, resulting in an aluminium post that weight-wise comes close to the carbon posts here. The twin-bolt design is a cross between a Bontrager and an old Easton and is just as easy to adjust, proving rock-solid. It’s a good length and has a ribbed surface.

In this 80mm length, the stem is the lightest here, primarily due to the titanium bolt hardware. It lacks the stiffness of Easton and others, but run a short length and you’re unlikely to notice.

KCNC doesn’t muck about with narrow bars and offers the SC Bone bar in a 715mm width. However, the upsweep meant we had to roll it back to get the control centres flat and then it came back too far. So, while this kit is an affordable way of saving weight, the bar shape stops it getting full marks.

Overall weight: 521g

Mbr rating: 9