Product Overview


Hope Pro 2 5.1d £260

£95f/£165r; weight 1,930g

Hope hubs have traditionally been sold separately as after-market upgrades, but with the advent of Hope’s wheelset programme the Hope Hoops are a tempting option as they are considerably cheaper than the sum of the parts. Pro II hubs laced to DT EX5.1d rims with DT Competition spokes, where each wheel includes rim tape and two spare spokes, is a killer package. Hope also offers the Pro 2 wheels with DT XR4.2 rims, which will lop the best part of 200g for the rolling weight of the wheelset, making them a better option for the regular trail rider — the only drawback being that the XR rim is 3mm narrower so it won’t really accommodate fat tyres as well as the 5.1d. Additional weight saving could have been achieved by using alloy nipples but Hope wanted a reliable and affordable package so opted for brass instead.
Not only is the Hope Pro 2 wheelset excellent value for money, but build quality is good, spares are readily available and you’re not locked into any particular rim. Yes, the freehub is incredibly noisy but it’s solid, and Hope offers stacks of axle options so you won’t be restricted with future frame or fork upgrades. QRs are not included.