Product Overview


Giro Hex £49.95

POV visor / Colours: gold, pewter, blue, sepia / Sizes: small, medium and large/ Crash replacement £25 / Weight: 278g /

At nearly half the price of the Xen, the Hex is built on a budget. It has a single hardbody construction plus the polycarbonate doesn’t extend underneath. This area is already looking battered on our sample.
The RocLoc 4 grips allow lateral and vertical adjustment. Both straps float on anchors on the surface of the helmet but they’re only fastened in three places, so we found we had to run the RocLoc slightly tighter to stabilise the helmet.
The Hex uses the same POV visor system featured on the Xen. It offers 15 degrees of adjustment (about an inch up and down) but the visor is cheaply made and only available in black. There are two inner sweat pads but, with 21 sculpted vents, the Hex offer marginally better ventilation.
Hex styling is a lot more angular and less organic than the Xen, it’s more Ford Focus than Audi A3, but it’s a good lid.