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Gerber Flik multi-plier £54.95

Pliers, serrated and fine-edge knives, saw, Phillips screwdriver, small and medium flat screwdrivers, lanyard ring, wire cutters, scissors, can and bottle openers / Weight: 252g / Contact:

Sometimes a regular bike-specific multi-tool just isn’t enough to get you out of a jam — like the time we locked the keys in the van. We ended up having to craft a hook from wire fencing to thread through the door and flip the latch, and if it weren’t for the wire cutters on our Gerber we’d have missed a great ride waiting for the man in the yellow van to arrive. Granted, some of the tools on the Gerber Flick will overlap with a decent multi tool, but you should never venture into the wilderness without pliers, wire cutters and a selection of sharp blades. Not the lightest multi-plier on the market but the Gerber Flik is a bomber-solid trailpack essential.

Mbr rating:8