Product Overview


Genuine INNOVATIONS Slim Jim Hand Pump £9.99

Weight: 152g / 100 strokes: 19psi / Length: 282mm / Alloy barrel / Presta-Schraeder compatible with no dismantling / Flip-out
T-handle / Pivoting head / Contact:

With a flip-out T-handle and high-volume barrel, the Slim Jim was one of the easiest to use, with tyres inflated long before fatigue or sore hands set in. Similar to the Blackburn in dimensions, weight and price, it has the bonus of a duo head with side-by-side valve ports and that comfy flip-out T-handle.

We did find the pivoting head of limited use as it only moved through 10 degrees or so, but it could help if the angle into your valve is tight. The thumb lock had an easy-to- flip sweep on it, handy for when you have gloves on or when the weather impedes movement of your fingers.

All in all a great value, straightforward pump with very light action and handy valve type switching. It’s a pump you wouldn’t dread getting a puncture with, unlike some of
the others!

Mbr rating:10