Product Overview


Geax Saguaro £24.95

Aramid 3D compound / 2.2in TNT foldable / Weight: 690g / Tuned spring rate casing / 2in, steel bead and 29’er versions available / Tubeless Therapy sealant £8.95
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A new addition to Geax’s comprehensive tyre family, the Saguaro is pitched at the XC and enduro market. Directional depending on your speed or traction preferences, it offers a close-knit tread of compact knobbles, similar to Hutchinson’s classic Python. The layout lends itself well to the lower running pressures you get with tubeless, so it’s handy then that most of this season’s Geax tyres include the TNT ‘Tube No Tube’ acronym. It’s a design that, alongside Geax’s ‘Tubeless Therapy’ puncture sealant, allows a tubeless seal to be made when combined with specific rims. We ran the test pair on Stans NoTubes ZTR rims as Geax is just one of NoTubes recommended non-tubeless brands. The tight fitting nature of the Saguaro quickly made a reliable seal along with two scoops of NoTubes sealant, showing no sign of static leakage. Set up at least 10psi softer than in tubed guise to get the traction benefits (without the snakebites) there’s no question that the Saguaro is fast rolling with that hard-to-describe zip, devouring hard-packed grass, dry dirt trails and fire road. Dropping the pressures further to improve traction on rocks and wet roots, the vulnerability of the lighter sidewalls is highlighted by the sideways wallowing under cornering — the trade off for such a competitively weighted multi-tasker without the heavy-duty sidewalls of a regular UST tyre. Nevertheless, at 25 quid it’s definitely a do-it-all worthy of consideration.