Product Overview


Funn Skinny RL £29.99

Weight: 250g / Cromo rails / Synthetic leather cover / Black, urban camo, snake

Being ultra stiff and with very little padding on the nose, the Skinny RL isn’t comfortable for prolonged use, but knowing Funn and the type of products it makes, it isn’t designed for XC but for a downhiller looking to shave weight off a 45lb bike. The cover doesn’t even pretend to be synthetic leather; it’s just a thick ‘FX’ material. Nor are the rails lightweight; they’re solid cromoly and as such should resist quite a few hard landings before they give way. Funn doesn’t bang on about channels or cutaways; this is just a basic flat saddle with a pimp camo pattern. On our sample this has started to scuff but for £30 that’s to be expected.
If you’re the sort of rider who spends more time stood up than seated then this is for you. It’s basic, brutal, but a bargain.