Product Overview


Fox Incline £15

Sizes: XS-XXL/Colours: black, red, charcoal, slate/Size tested: L
Contact: Fox 01914 876100

Similar in overall design to the Specialized, the Incline’s palm continues further around the edges of the hand. Not only does this offer a little extra protection in a fall, but the tan ‘pleather’ gives a nice visual contrast; double layers of the tan fabric are used to reinforce the palm. A tiny Velcro fastener does a fair job of securing the wrist, but the snug fit is predominantly created by the stretch-panelled back. Slightly thicker than other similar types of glove, finger panels are standard Spandex rather than a mesh design, and the end seams seem smaller as a result.
The palm is bulkier than other minimalist gloves, but the feeling is one of additional protection rather than excess material.