Product Overview


Fox Float XTT £599

130mm travel / 32 mm stanchions / Air sprung / Butted alloy steerer / QR dropouts / IS disc mount / Star nut and pump included / Weight: 3.87lb
Contact: Mojo 01633 615815

The Float XTT is a regular Fox Float fork with fancy compression damping, borrowing the Terra Logic inertia valve technology introduced on the F80X. You adjust the spring rate with the shock pump provided but, unlike the F80X, the XTT settles into its sag point like a regular fork. Rebound is dialled in with the red adjuster but you have an additional knob at the foot of the right leg that lets you tune the inertia valve.
With 130mm of travel, Fox has reduced the damping effect of the inertia valve to give it a more trail bike friendly feel. Even on minimum setting, the XTT has an obvious resistance to rider input. Hit a bump, though, and the fork becomes fully active — it’s not like a lockout opening but you can notice it and in some situations it feels like the fork is propped up one minute, then dives through the travel the next. Upping the threshold provides more compression damping throughout the stroke, giving a much smoother action across the full range of travel, and we actually preferred the fork with it set this way. In this setting there is a noticeable reduction in fork dive under braking and on steep descents it really helps to support the front end of the bike.
Climbing out of the saddle causes minimal fork movement but the XTT still sags and can track the terrain when the valve is opened.
The Float XTT is a great enduro race fork but it’s heavier than a regular Float R and while the Terra Logic technology is clever, we find it hard to justify the extra cost.