Product Overview


Formula ORO Puro £189.95

All ORO brakes use the same post mount calipers with adapters to accommodate 160, 180, 200 and 220mm rotors. The difference with the ORO Puro is that the two-piece caliper is held together with Ti bolts to reduce weight. All bolts, bar those for the adapter, use a mix of different size Torx heads, which aren’t ideal for adjusting lever position or replacing pads. Bleeding is the same as Avid, where you need two syringes but Formula’s kit is considerably cheaper.
There is no noticeable bed-in period with ORO brakes and they are super powerful from the get-go. Lever feel is good and the bite-point adjuster, tucked neatly behind the main piston, allows you to choose your preferred lever throw.
If you set your shifters up within easy reach, the offset lever body on the Formula brake means that your index finger rests on the lever close to the pivot, losing some of its mechanical advantage. So for one-finger stopping it’s best to brake with your middle finger, taking full advantage of the carbon lever blade. The fatter lever body doesn’t offer as much rotational shifter adjustment as some of the other brakes on test but we really are splitting hairs, as performance is first rate.