Product Overview


Fizik Freek £44.99

8mm magnesium rails / Colours: white only / Weight: 382g
Contact: Extra UK 01933 672170

With the Freek, Fizik has made a real effort to produce a dedicated freeride saddle, featuring an ergonomic handgrip nose section for seat-grab tricks, and thigh grips for suicides. Unfortunately the Freek seems to have come up seriously short.
The pointed nose and tail tend to catch on your stylishly baggy freeride shorts, and there is little in the way of padding to protect your scrotex if your feet get blown off the pedals on a drop. Also, you can feel the loop stabiliser rails actually though the saddle. The side grips which are there to be grabbed by your knees for no-hand tricks don’t cover the seat clamp, and the nose section feels square and rather bulky to grab.
In the saddle’s favour, the Freek has super-strong rails and an upper that isn’t going to shred the first time you lay it down — but then neither would a Kashimax Aero from the Eighties. And the Kashimax would end up being a darn sight more comfortable.