Product Overview


Fizik Aliante Gamma XM £79.99

Weight: 280g / Twin flex / Synthetic cover / Black

Fizik has re-branded a number of its saddles as cross-mountain (XM). The Aliante XM is more durable than the standard Aliante with a new base of carbon, Kevlar, graphite and fibreglass. There’s a large Y-shaped hole in the middle of the Twin Flex shell for added flexibility but the weave pattern is just a sticker. On the nose a Technogel insert makes grinding steep ascents less painful, but by then the perforated Microtex cover will already have collected a layer of mud.
Fizik is vague about the make up of it’s K:ium rails but we suspect they’re a silicon/chrome based steel alloy.
The detailing is impressive but we’d expect that for £80. This is a comfortable saddle but with lightweight foam and ‘eight per cent lighter than titanium’ rails we didn’t expect it to be the heaviest on test.